Escaping Corruption and Receiving Power

2 Peter 1:4

By these (Christ’s own glory and goodness) He has given us very great and precious promises, so that through them you may share in the divine nature, escaping the corruption that is in the world because of evil desires.

Jesus gave us hope when God raised Him from the dead. He carried all of our sin and shame when He died and they placed Him in the tomb. God accepted that sacrifice and raised Him from the dead, signifying forgiveness. Once forgiven, Christ stood in glory on this earth as an overcomer of evil and a Savior for us. He, in turn, offers us the glory and goodness of His resurrection to help us overcome our own evil desires and share in His divine nature.

We often make the mistake of thinking that we can overcome sin on our own. If we could, we would not need Christ. The only way we can overcome sin is to admit we are a sinner and to lay it at His feet by choosing His lordship in that area. When we do, He grants us the glory and goodness to overcome sin. Forgiveness yields power, and we are in desperate need of it.

Why do we see little power in the church today? I can’t help but believe it is because we’ve chosen to hold on to evil desires that have corrupted us. We’ve befriended the wrong desire, and it has quenched our power. We must be willing to give up those things that are destroying us, even if we enjoy them. When we do, we can receive forgiveness and resurrection power to rise above our current situations where we are unproductive and ineffective.

Where do you feel powerless today? Search your heart for any wrong desire that may be hindering your walk. Submit anything you know to be wrong and choose the lordship of Christ. He has already suffered the guilt and shame, and there is no need for you to carry it if you are exposed. Surrender completely to Him, and find forgiveness that leads to power and fruitfulness. God will not grant power to a corrupt heart; He cleans the heart that is surrendered to Him and gives power to overcome.

Have a blessed day!

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