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Competition vs Purpose

Ecclesiastes 4:4

I saw that all labor and all skillful work is due to a man’s jealousy of his friend. This too is futile and a pursuit of the wind.

Solomon saw that man’s ambition was birthed from jealousy and the desire to prove himself better than others. This competitive spirit can both bind and destroy relationships. Competition, however, is based in the belief that we gain blessing or promotion by our own means through our skill, talent, or sheer determination. Competition does not invite the grace or favor of God to work in a life. Therefore, the competitive person does not glorify God but seeks credit for himself. As Solomon explains, this, too, is merely a futile pursuit of the wind. You may feel its presence, but you will never possess its power.

Life is not a competition; life was designed for purpose. Rather than trying to outwork or outsmart someone for promotion, we would do better to simply focus upon that which God has gifted us and has given us passion. When we do, we find God’s purpose unfolding in our lives with grace and favor. Others witness God’s glory revealed. You cannot earn what God has planned for someone else, and no one else can steal your blessing when you live out of a sense of purpose.

Do you have a competitive spirit? Do you find yourself angry because someone else has what you want, and they don’t deserve it? If so, it is time for you to redirect your focus and begin to live out of purpose. Reconnect with your passions and see where God is working in your life. Move in direction with Him, and begin to enjoy the blessings He has designed specifically for you, rather than being envious of someone else’s blessing. Life is too short to waste in pursuits of the wind. God has more for us than that, and His purpose is worth finding.

Have a blessed day!

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