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A Personal Encounter

John 20:16-17

Jesus said, “Mary.” Turning around, she said to Him in Hebrew, “Rabbouni!” – which means “Teacher.”

Jesus announced His resurrection by speaking personally to Mary Magdalene. He called her by name – a concept upon which I meditate quite frequently because it speaks volumes to the soul. Instead of trumpets, huge crowds, or loud voices, He spoke privately and personally to her.

When God resurrects something in our lives, He often speaks only to us. He reveals His purpose to us by calling us by name. In that moment, every bad thing in the past begins to make sense as it points to His glory. Glorious, indeed, are those special, private moments with Christ.

Mary’s response is one we should all follow. She immediately addressed Him as “Rabbouni!” He was her Great Teacher. When His glory is revealed to us, we may have many questions. How can this be? What will happen next? Did I hear you correctly? We must look to our Great Teacher to guide us and teach us exactly what to do. He may not give us all the answers up front. We may have to take one step at a time in faith and obedience to see His purpose fulfilled in us.

Jesus told Mary Magdalene to tell her brothers – His disciples – He had risen. Here we see the first commissioning of a missionary of the gospel story. She was a woman with a past who had seen Jesus living, dying, and now resurrected. Her encounter with Jesus transformed her life, and. she was now to go and tell. Whether or not anyone would believe her was not her responsibility. She had a story that needed to be told because it revealed the glory of the risen Savior.

Whatever is dead in you that needs to be resurrected requires a personal encounter with the risen Savior. Seek Him. Whatever purpose God has for you, it reflects the risen Savior. Go and tell.

Our time of mourning is over. He is risen; He’s alive! We who believe should rejoice and live like we believe it.

Have a blessed day!

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