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Praise for the Barren Places

Genesis 30:1-2

When Rachel saw that she was not bearing Jacob any children, she envied her sister. “Give me sons, or I will die!” she said to Jacob. 

Jacob became angry with Rachel and said, “Am I in God’s place, who has withheld children from you?’

Rachel had the heart, love, and affection of her husband, but it was not enough. She wore the shame of barrenness while her older sister bore sons to the same man. Leah’s union with Jacob was outwardly blessed while Rachel’s was not. We see the tension rise between the two lovers while Rachel demands from Jacob what only God could give her.

God used barrenness in several women to bring forth a child of great purpose. We see this in Sarah, Hannah, Manoah’s wife, and Elizabeth. Rachel did not know at the time she would bear a son who would rise to great power in Egypt and save Leah’s sons from hunger. She saw barrenness as a curse and looked to Jacob for an answer, rather than turning to God. We must come to look at our barren and empty places as places of purpose and look to God to fill them. Otherwise, we will falsely believe the devil’s lies that we are shameful and cursed, as Rachel did. If God has not yet filled a great void in your life, it is because He has something great for you, and the time has not yet come for Him to reveal it. Cry out to Him, and submit to His time table. No one who hopes in Him will be disappointed (Rom. 5:5).

Do you feel barren in any area of your life today? If so, surrender that place to God. Understand that no one else can fill that void, and you can destroy relationships by expecting someone else to do what only God can do for you. There is no need or void that God cannot fill, and He desires for you to live a fruitful and productive life. He loves you and has a heart of compassion toward you. Don’t believe for one minute the devil’s lie that God is angry with you or is punishing you by not addressing your barren areas.  God will use your barrenness to bring forth greatness and display His glory. Trust Him and begin to proclaim His favor; praise Him for what He has planned for you. I saw a quote recently that addressed this issue appropriately:  “When you enter God’s presence with praise, He can enter your problem with power.” Believe it, and do it!

Have a blessed day! 

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