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Psalm 103:3-5

He forgives all your sins; He heals all your diseases. He redeems your life from the Pit; He crowns you with faithful love and compassion. He satisfies you with goodness; your youth is renewed like the eagle.

Why do we turn to people and things that cannot solve our problems? These verses clearly tell us where we can find real answers. Only God can forgive our sins and fill the voids of life. We cannot remove our guilt by compensating in other areas. Ultimately, it is God who heals all our diseases. Only God can redeem us from the pits of life, where we fall by accident or purposefully jump from stupidity. When we can’t help ourselves, He reaches in to deliver us.

It seems He is always rescuing me, and at times I’ve wondered if I just exhaust Him. I’m sure I’ve aggravated Him a few times. According to this verse, I find that he crowns me with faithful love and compassion. It seems He never tires of bringing me out of the messes I create. What a Savior He is!

He satisfies us with goodness. We must remember that only He has the power to satisfy. Any temptation of the devil will only leave us hungry for more if we bite. God fulfills. The devil will increase our longing and never satisfy the ache beneath it. God is good to us, and He will withhold no good thing from us.  We must trust Him.

I often think, “If only I knew then what I know now!” I wonder how my life would be different and more productive had I understood in my youth what I know now from the mistakes I made then. I can’t get those days back, but God can renew me and redeem the time. He can give me the strength of my youth, even though I’m long past it in age. God knew exactly the roads I would take, and He arranged for me to be where I am now. He can use everything together for my good and enable me to fly high above any adversity life throws at me. In fact, it seems the older I get and the more trials I face, the more He strengthens my wings. 

When life becomes tough and you don’t know who or where you are anymore, don’t forget Whose you are. If times are confusing, turn to Him. Every answer to the troublesome questions of life are found in Christ. He has not given up on you nor forsaken you. He is not weary nor impatient with you. Turn to Him, and watch Him crown you with His faithful love and compassion. He is always good to you, even if you have trouble seeing it. Submit your cares to Him today, and watch Him give you strength to fly above your circumstances. He is the answer you need.

Have a blessed day!

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