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When Time Stood Still

Joshua 10:13

And the sun stood still and the moon stopped, until the nation took vengeance on its enemies.

Joshua 10 records the strange event when time stood still so Israel would have enough daylight to overcome the Amorites in the land of Canaan. The Amorites were so prominent in Canaan that they were also referred to as Canaanites in general. The Canaanites worshiped the gods of the sun and moon. In this great event, God caused the sun and moon to stand still on Israel’s behalf, proving that He is superior to other gods. 

God wants us to overcome our enemies. Our enemies are anything that hinders our relationship with Him. If it takes our attention away from God, it is our enemy. If it threatens His perfect will for our lives, it is our enemy. If it places itself in priority before Him, it is our enemy. If it tries to take from us what God has rightfully given us, it is our enemy. We must come to recognize a true enemy and know that God will make the sun and moon stand still if needed for us to overcome it. He is greater than any enemy we have, and all we have to do is call upon Him to silence the enemy’s influence in our lives so we can overcome it.

Notice that God did not overcome this enemy for the Israelites. He simply gave them the daylight so they could overcome and conquer. God will give us the daylight we need, but we still need to fight to overcome certain enemies, especially the ones we have invited into our lives. 

Today, pray for the wisdom to recognize true enemies in your life. Then, ask God for daylight to overcome them. You can’t fight in the dark. You need to see in order to attack. Ask Him for the wisdom and vision you need to overcome your enemies, and get on the warpath! God wants your victory even more than you do, and He can make the sun and moon stand still for you if necessary! He is on your side and willing to help you. 

Have a blessed day!

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