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Godly Hunger

Proverbs 10:3

The LORD will not let the righteous go hungry, but He denies the wicked what they crave.

We all have a hunger inside of us. Our bodies crave food when we are physically hungry. Our flesh or carnal nature craves temporary satisfaction from a deeper hunger of the soul, which only God can fill. God gives us a godly hunger for the things that will draw us closer to Him and a craving to be satisfied by fulfilling our purpose in Him. We are all hungry for something, and that craving can only be properly met by God.

God will not let the righteous continue to hunger. He uses that hunger to draw him/her into the place where He can best fill the aching void. Then, He begins to pour His blessings and provision into the empty place that was created specifically for His filling. When God gives the hunger, He already has the provision for it waiting an appointed time.

For the wicked, however, God has no provision. When the wicked get what they think they want, they are still hungry. God does not satisfy evil desires that oppose Him. Godly hunger is designed to teach us reliance upon Him and submission to His will. If we could satisfy our inner needs by our own hands, we would not need Him. The creation is and always has been dependent upon the Creator.

If you have an inner craving that you cannot satisfy, turn it over to God. He has given you that craving to draw you closer to Him. He has your provision waiting. Stop trying to meet that need through illegitimate means. Proverbs 10:22 teaches us that God’s blessing enriches us and adds no struggle. If you try to soothe your craving with a temporary fix that you have to manufacture on your own, you will find yourself with more problems than you can imagine. Bring your hunger to God, and let Him fill your every need. He didn’t let 5,000 people go hungry on a mountainside when they came to hear Him teach, and He won’t let you go hungry when you long to hear from Him. He will take whatever you have and multiply it beyond your imagination when you fully submit it to Him. Miracles begin with a hunger and a willingness to surrender all we have to God.

Have a blessed day!

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