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Multiplied Grace

Romans 6:1-2:

What should we say then? Should we continue in sin in order that grace may multiply? Absolutely not! How can we who died to sin still live in it?

Paul explained to the church at Rome that the law reveals sin, and sin multiplies under the law. Grace, however, multiplies even more to cover our sin, and grace reigns in righteousness. In other words, the more sinful we become, the more grace is needed to cover our sins, and God freely grants us that grace. In this verse, Paul explains that God’s gift of grace is no excuse to remain in sin.

Grace does not justify our sin. Grace justifies us and cleanses us of sin. Grace does not give us the excuse to live with our sin; it empowers us to turn from the sin and live without it. In order to turn from sin, we must first recognize sin and acknowledge it as such. If we justify it or find no fault in it, we condone it and allow it to linger in us. God’s perfect will is for us to live free and untangled from the mess of sin. Why would we want to keep its chains?

God has enough grace to forgive all of our sins, regardless of how many or how gruesome they may be. Sin, however, has dominion over us as long as we insist upon walking in it. Grace can cover only the sin brought to it. If we hang on to sin, it is ours to keep.

If we have truly died to sin, we will no longer want it or the hold it has on us. We belong to Christ, and His Spirit within us will draw us away from sin by reminding us of who we are in Christ. Being a Christian does not mean we will never be tempted or experience weakness in an area. Christianity means we can overcome the hold sin has on us because God grants us the grace to get up and try again when we fall. Just like a baby learns to walk by trying, falling, and getting back up to try again, we will learn to walk out our Christian life by getting up and moving forward. Grace multiplies in our lives to move us forward.

If you’ve failed repeatedly, don’t give up. You can walk free from the sin that entangles you. Just get up and try again. Don’t excuse what holds you back in mediocrity. Grace is multiplied in your life to help you overcome sin and live a life of purpose.

Have a blessed day!

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