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The Satisfied Life

Philippians 4:11

I don’t say this out of need, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am.

Paul had learned what most of us need to learn in life – how to be content. Many of our vices come from a nagging dissatisfaction within ourselves and a longing for something better. When we can’t attain that for which we long, we turn to bad habits to fill us. (I suppose that is why I own so much jewelry. I never seem to be content with what I have.)

To be content is to be satisfied. Paul had learned to be satisfied with his circumstances, knowing that God’s grace was sufficient for all his needs. This contentment could come only from a relationship of trust and submission to the Father through Jesus Christ. Paul knew that if God had called him to a certain place, He would meet his needs through it.

Have you learned to be satisfied with God, or is He enough for you? Granted, there are times when He calls us to more than what we envision for ourselves, but there are times when where we are does not match what we envision. Can we be satisfied where we are until He takes us to something more? What we actually forfeit is our peace when we are not content. We must learn to trust our inner longings and desires to the One who knows what is best for us. Jeremiah 17:9 reminds us that our hearts are deceitful; we can’t trust them to always know what is right or good for us.

Paul had the kind of relationship with God that took priority over everything else. As long as he had this relationship, he could be content in all circumstances. In fact, he considered everything else to be rubbish in comparison. Dying to ourselves and putting Christ first is what it takes to be content. More stuff, more relationships, more pleasure, or more control will never satisfy us; they will serve only to drive us to crave even more. (If you don’t believe me, could I interest you in some lovely jewels that sparkle and shine?) In fact, losing it all just might make us realize how little we really need and how satisfying life with Christ truly is.

Have a blessed day!

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