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Painful and Abrupt Praise

Psalm 89:12

North and south – You created them. Tabor and Hermon shout for joy at Your name.

North and south are locations on the globe that can be measured. God created them and put them in their proper places. He even divided the earth evenly with an equator to help us measure their distances. He was precise in His measurements, and we can see the glory of His creation by measuring them.

Tabor and Hermon are mountains in Israel. They each have a special meaning. Tabor means “pain.” Hermon means “abrupt,” but it is from a root word meaning “secluded.” According to this verse, the painful and abrupt circumstances of our lives that evolve from seclusion shout for joy at God’s name. In this, we can rejoice, knowing our pain and abrupt emotions cry out to God in praise!

When you cry out to God in pain, He sees it as praise. That doesn’t mean He enjoys your pain, but He sees your cry as an act of honor toward Him in faith that He will act. When you belong to Christ, the pain inside you knows to shout with joy to the God of our salvation because He is almighty and can change your mourning to dancing just by speaking the word!

Tabor and Hermon are mountains, meaning they are very large. Regardless of how great your pain is or how strong an abrupt experience may have been, we serve a God of great hope that is greater than our circumstances! When the pain and abrupt emotions of your life can praise God, you can expect Him to act on your behalf. Cry out to Him today, and shout for joy because of what He can and will do in your life. God is precise in all He has created, and one day you will be able to measure the bad experiences with the good and find they don’t even compare to the joy He has for you.

Have a blessed day!

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