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Believe for Yourself

John 4:41-42

Many more (Samaritans) believed because of what He said. And they told the woman, “We no longer believe because of what you said, for we have heard for ourselves and know that this really is the Savior of the world.”

The woman at the well had heard from Jesus, and she knew who He was because of her personal experience with Him. When she returned to the town, many people believed what Jesus said because of the change they saw in her. Although her experience with Jesus was life-changing, these Samaritans still needed their own personal experience with Jesus to know that He was their Savior, too.

We can all see how God has changed the lives of others and become awed over their personal testimonies, but unless we encounter Jesus and have a personal testimony ourselves, we are still in need of a Savior. Jesus came so that each of us might have a personal relationship with God, the Father, through Him. We must all confess our sin and submit to His lordship. When we do, we take His sacrifice personally and begin to develop a personal relationship with Him.

While Jesus died for the whole world, He also died for you, personally. Therefore, take Him personally. When Mary Magdalene finally recognized Jesus as the risen Savior, she cried out, “Rabbouni!” This name means “Master Teacher,” but it has the impression of a personal Master Teacher. She realized that Jesus was her personal Savior and that His death and resurrection were meant for her. Unless we make His sacrifice personal, we are still in need of a Savior. Like the Samaritans and the woman at the well, someone else’s testimony may lead you to Christ, but you still have to believe for your own personal testimony.

Have you seen God move greatly in the lives of others? Know for certain that He wants to move in your life, too. Have you witnessed great testimonies of faith? God wants to give you a personal testimony of faith, as well. Do you believe God can provide a miracle for someone else? Rest assured that He can give you a miracle, too. In fact, the word for testimony in Hebrew carries the implication of “do it again.” We must begin to believe God for ourselves and stop living through the testimonies of others. Wake up to what God is doing in your own life, and begin to believe Him for the things He has placed in your heart. Jesus is your personal Savior, and He wants to increase your faith. Your testimony is the one God wants to bring to life. Spend some time with Him today, and believe Him for what you need. What He has done for someone else, He can do again in your life!

Have a blessed day!

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