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Created for Glory

Isaiah 62:2

Nations will see your righteousness, and all kings your glory. You will be called by a new name that the LORD’s mouth will announce.

You were never created to live in isolation, hidden from the world and excluded from relationship. You were created to shine among nations, depicting the glory of Jesus Christ in full relationship with Him.  God will bring forth what He has been investing in you for years and launch you into action. To hide in the comfort of your obscurity will be to deny your purpose. Get ready to spring forth!

Others may try to define you, but God will call you by a new name He has chosen just for you. You cannot model or judge your calling by that of another because what He has designed for you is specific to you. When He brings you forth, you will be fashioned as one of a kind and able to do exactly what He has called you to do. You are not a cookie-cutter, production line manufactured item. You are uniquely and wonderfully made by your Creator, and you will shine among the nations in the name and calling He will announce for you.

Your new identity in Christ is something that will minister to kings. Never underestimate what God can do with a life fully committed to Him. He may mold you and shape you in a dark, hidden, and confining place, but He will release you to the nations to display the glory of Christ. Get excited and get ready! Your moment to shine is coming!

Have a blessed day!

PHOEBE Connections, Inc. is a 501(c)3 dedicated to enhancing the lives of widows by building relationships and helping them find new identity in Jesus Christ through serving others. We promote an atmosphere of fellowship, where the widow can connect with other widows to develop friendships and supportive relationships.