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Something of Value

Psalm 105:37

Then He brought Israel out with silver and gold, and no one among His tribes stumbled.

When God brought the children of Israel out of bondage from Egypt, He brought them out with silver and gold. They had something valuable from their experience to sustain them in their freedom. They were not yet in their promised land, but they were on their way. No one stumbled. The KJV states this as “there was none feeble among His tribes.”  Everyone that God brought out of bondage was healthy enough to make the journey.

For those of us who have ever felt “between” two places, this verse brings encouragement.  God does not want us enslaved by the devil’s schemes, and He has sent His Son to pay the price for our freedom. While we embark upon our journey to our own “Promised Lands,” we can be assured that God has given us something of value to sustain us until we reach our destination. While we may feel like we can’t take another day or make one more step, we will not stumble on this journey. 

What have you gained from your experience in bondage? At least, you have a testimony worth sharing. That testimony has the power to increase God’s kingdom. Never take it for granted. Anything God gave you on your way out of bondage has the power to increase. How you use it will depend upon what it increases. The children of Israel used it to create a golden calf. Will you use your spoils of bondage to increase God’s kingdom or to increase the influence of other “gods?”

The place between bondage and our Promised Land may be wilderness terrain, but God assures us the ability to make the journey. Will we grumble and complain or believe that if He brought us out, He will surely take us in? Only a few entered the Promised Land, along with those who were born in the wilderness. The memory of Egypt hindered them from fully believing. 

Today, God has given you something of value, and you are able to make the journey to which He has called you. You have a choice to increase His kingdom or to increase the influence of lesser kingdoms in your life. If you increase lesser kingdoms, it will hinder your faith to believe for His. Don’t die in the wilderness before you reach the Promised Land. Use whatever He has given you of value for His glory, and believe that He who has called you is faithful. Without Him you can do nothing but with Him, you can do all things! Believe, and be willing to fight the enemy to take hold of what God has for you.

Have a blessed day!

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