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Mark 9:23

Then Jesus said to him, “‘If You can?’ Everything is possible to the one who believes.”

When a desperate father brought his demon possessed son to Jesus’s disciples, they could not drive the demon out. They had been able to help others, but their efforts to help this poor man’s son were not effective. As Jesus approached the scene, this anguished father turned to Jesus to ask if there was anything He could do.

Jesus sensed the desperation and instructed him that everything was possible to the one who believes. The father’s cry revealed his doubt. Jesus, however, responds to faith. The father confessed a sliver of belief and asked Jesus to help increase his faith. Since faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains and uproot trees, Jesus cast out the demon, which left the son appearing dead. Jesus, however, took his hand and raised him to life. I can only imagine just how much this father’s faith must have exploded in joy as he watched his son – now healed and whole – rise from his lifeless posture to new life in Christ.

To anyone who has a loved one who seems completely lost or beyond hope, everything is possible for the one who believes in Jesus. Verse 29 of that passage reveals to us that this kind comes out only by prayer and fasting, which is why the disciples could not cast the demon out. Our prayers combined with fasting are powerful tools to penetrate the darkness and bring God’s power into our lives. Prayer and fasting will increase your faith as you totally submit the matter to God. When we cease our feeble efforts, rely completely upon Him, and believe Him to do what we cannot, He becomes strong where we are weak. We learn to rely upon ourselves less and upon Him more. In effect, our faith grows and matures.

Believe for your impossible situations today. Ask God to help your unbelief. Exercise some prayer and fasting, and expect God to do what only He can do. Everything is possible for the one who believes, so dare to believe.

Have a blessed day!

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