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Receiving God’s Favor

Isaiah 66:2

My hand made all these things, and so they all came into being. This is the LORD’s declaration. I will look favorably on this kind of person:  one who is humble, submissive in spirit, and who trembles at My word.

God created heaven as His throne and earth as His footstool. Who are we to challenge anything He says or does? Sadly, at times we tend to charge through life with our own agendas, feeling angry at God when our plans are supernaturally interrupted. Without God’s favor, we can accomplish nothing. With His favor, however, we can do anything He requires us to do.

Having an agenda apart from God, however, is a sure recipe for failure. Sooner or later we must realize that the One who created heaven as His throne and earth as His footstool will have the final say in the matter. We live on earth, which is His footstool, and we are to humbly bow at His feet.

God is a loving, just, and holy God. He loves His people with an everlasting love. He shows His favor, however, to those who are humble, submissive in spirit, and who tremble at His word.  You can be God’s child and not receive His favor. While He still loves you, the love He expresses to you may be for the purpose of drawing you back into His arms, rather than enabling you to run from His plan.

Jonah certainly experienced this type of love when He determined to disobey God and go the opposite direction. God’s love landed him in the belly of a whale, where he could change his mind and his plans about whether or not to obey God.  It took a raging storm to convince Jonah that he could not defy God and live in His favor. 

God longs to bestow His favor on all of His children. As those who are parents know, some children are just more compliant than others. It is easier to bless them because you can trust them with the blessing. God looks for the humble at heart, the submissive in spirit, and those who respect His word enough to obey what He says. Those are children He can trust to carry out His plans and not their own. He will look upon them with favor and enable them to flourish, even in the midst of adversity.

We all need God’s favor. We cannot function in life without it. Today, ask Him for a humble and submissive spirit and the willingness to obey. Set aside your own agendas long enough to hear from Him and follow His directions. If what He is leading you to do seems difficult, realize that He will give you His favor to do it. If heaven is His throne and earth His footstool, you can’t really fight Him and expect to win. Your destiny and your happiness depend upon His favor toward you. Fully receive what He has for you, and realize the abundance of His favor. It is well worth your surrender.

Have a blessed day!

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