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Beautiful with Jewelry

Song of Songs 1:10-11

Your cheeks are beautiful with jewelry, your neck with its necklace. We will make gold jewelry for you, accented with silver.

That is my kind of man! We see here just how much Jesus adores His bride. He is so in love with her that He wants to give her the very best and adorn her with His finest. I’m convinced my love for jewelry and all that sparkles and shines is only priming me for heaven! 

You, dear one, are His bride. He is not only your Savior, He is in love with you. He wants only the best for you, and He is in the process now of fashioning gold jewelry for you, accented with silver. Keep in mind that gold and silver are refined in fire. They are the valuable results of a refining process. He does the jewelry making and presents us with the treasure. 

Every trial you endure should produce a beautiful adornment for you. The greater the process, the more valuable and attractive the necklace it will create. Learn to treasure the trials you survive, as they reveal God’s grace to you in new and profound ways. They serve as a part of your dress for Christ. 

If you feel the hardships of life have worn you down, realize that Jesus sees you in beautiful jewelry. He sees every token of affection He has given you. Wear them well, and don’t let bitterness or anger rob you of the beautiful jewels He is fashioning just for you. Get excited about what He is doing in your life right now. You will soon wear the treasure of your struggle when He reveals His glory in the midst of it! 

Have a blessed day!

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