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God’s Sanctuary Brings Revelation

Psalm 73:16-17

When I tried to understand all this, it seemed hopeless until I entered God’s sanctuary. Then I understood their destiny.

Have you ever experienced times that just seemed all wrong? Evil seemed to win over good. Injustice was honored over justice. What was bad was seen as good and what was good was seen as bad. All you have to do is to turn on the news to witness this on a daily basis! The devil is always trying to cloud our perception of right and wrong. 

At times when it appears evil wins in this world, we may feel hopeless to do anything about it. We may have life situations that just can’t be solved and wonder if God is even there or if He cares. We all experience things in life that we just don’t understand. In those times, the best thing we can do is to enter God’s sanctuary and worship Him.

We were made to worship. We cannot let the bad things that happen in life warp our view of God. We must take these things to Him and look to Him for an answer. When you submit a matter to Him, He will give you understanding into that situation. He may allow evil to reign for a while, but He ultimately has the last word. We must trust His handiwork, even if we don’t see it. 

I recently had a situation where God denied my request. It seemed so unfair and really made me doubt my own faith for a short while. After submitting the matter to God and turning completely to Him with it, He soon began to show me exactly why He denied that request. There were many things I did not know and was shocked to learn about that situation. God was not being cruel, unkind, or unfair. He was being a protective Father, and I’m very grateful He was! Entering His sanctuary on the matter eventually revealed to me just how much God loved me, and the devil was doing his best to try to convince me otherwise!  

We all need a greater revelation of Christ and His love for us. This is what builds our faith and helps us overcome. Enter His sanctuary today with whatever matter disturbs you, and receive His love in every empty area. He will increase your understanding and give you a greater revelation of Himself.

Have a blessed day!

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