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The Great Escape

Daniel 12:1

At that time Michael the great prince who stands watch over your people will rise up. There will be a time of distress such as never has occurred since nations came into being until that time. But at that time all your people who are found written in the book will escape.

Many are asking if we are living in the end times that are prophesied in Scripture. While I don’t know exactly where we are on the apocalyptic timeline, I will declare that we are closer than we have ever been. Most Christians believe in an end time event known as the rapture, where God’s people are miraculously taken away from the earth while God releases judgment upon it. I’m not here to argue a particular time for that event, whether it be pre-tribulation, mid-tribulation, or post-tribulation. I do, however, want you to note that Daniel prophesied of an escape.

We find here that Michael the Archangel watches over God’s people and will rise up at that time. There will be a time of great distress, such as the world has never seen. Without doubt, people will want a way to escape the judgment of God that will be hurled upon the earth. Just as God promised to make a way of escape from the temptation to sin in 1 Corinthians 10:13, so He will make a way of escape from the earthly judgment of sin. That provision was made through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Rather than focus on the timeframe, please note the requirement for the great escape. Those whose names are found written in the book will escape. The book is known in Revelation as the Lamb’s Book of Life. Only those whose names are written there will be allowed into heaven when they die. If, however, you have not yet died whenever God declares the end of time for the earth, the recording of your name in the book permits you to participate in the great escape. The way to get your name written in the book is to accept the sacrifice of God’s Son as your atonement for sin and to follow Him as your Lord and Savior. If you have not yet made your reservation, there is no better time to do it. We are closer to that time than we have ever been!

Our mission on earth is to help get as many names as possible written into the book, not to argue when the rapture will occur. Instead of looking for the rapture, we need to prepare people for it. Is Jesus your Lord? If so, make some disciples. If not, you have a very important reservation to make!

Have a blessed day!

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