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A Promise and Decree for the Prodigal

Isaiah 65:23

They will not labor without success or bear children destined for disaster; for they will be a people blessed by the LORD, along with their descendants.

Every parent worries over their children. When a child strays from the LORD and from a Christian upbringing, it can be extremely painful for the Christian parent to watch or endure. While parents should certainly pray for their children to return to the LORD, they cannot have faith for their children. Each person must have his/her own faith relationship with God for that faith to be authentic.

Having prayed for several years for a prodigal, I’ve come to see that a straying or rebellious child may be the first sign that God is working to make that faith authentic. In questioning one’s own belief system a person comes to know what he/she truly believes. The search that ensues will verify truth and expose lies over time. Our God is eternal and does not change. His word is truth and does not lie. What is eternal will stand, and what is temporary will fade.

This verse is a promise for parents or loved ones who have a prodigal. Your labor as a parent is not in vain. God has declared your labor a success. Your children are not destined for disaster. Because of your own faith in Jesus Christ, you and your descendants are a people blessed by the LORD. Trust Him to honor your faith, create new faith in your child, and to bless you!

Take some time today to pray for any prodigals you may have in your own family or among close friends. Ask God to meet them where they are and to reveal Himself to them in a way that encourages real faith. Decree this verse over them. God has destined them as a part of His kingdom and not for disaster. He is still bringing prodigals home and working miracles every day!

Have a blessed day!

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