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Our Advancing Warrior

Isaiah 42:13

The LORD advances like a warrior; He stirs up His zeal like a soldier. He shouts, He roars aloud, He prevails over His enemies.

While our favorite impression of God may be that of a loving Father, we need not forget that

He is also a mighty warrior – a champion for His people. His compassion for His people should never be misunderstood as weakness. On the contrary, it stirs His zeal for their protection.

The enemies of God’s people are also His enemies, and they will not ultimately prevail. In fact, He promises us that no weapon formed against us will prosper, and He has the last word on the matter.

In the story of Elijah the prophet we see that God spoke to him in a still small voice while a storm and an earthquake raged around him. God was not in the noise but in the whisper that gently spoke just to him. God does not speak to His enemies in the same manner. This verse tells us He shouts and He roars. He releases His strength and His rage as He advances in battle against them.

We have enemies today that seek to silence our voices, challenge our biblical beliefs, change the definition of morality, restrict our freedom, sexualize our children, oppress us economically, and take away God-given rights. While they may seem powerful in their endeavors, they are no match for God Almighty! He has promised that the gates of hell will not prevail against His church, and we can expect Him to act upon our cries to Him. He has also promised that when the enemy comes in like a flood, He will raise up a standard against him. In other words, He will go to battle against the enemy. I sense a spiritual war arising where God will advance like a warrior, and He won’t be quiet about it, either! He always prevails over His enemies!

Have a blessed day!

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