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The God Who Prospers

Psalm 147:14

He endows your territory with prosperity; He satisfies you with the finest wheat.

We must remember that God is our source of prosperity. Regardless of where we are economically, it is the LORD who prospers His people. Therefore, in a time of economic downturn, it is important we turn to Him. He has the power to override and derail any assignment of the enemy to diminish us in any way.

Joseph prospered while in slavery. In fact, Potiphar trusted him with his whole household because he saw the blessing of God upon him. Later after Potiphar threw him into prison when his wife falsely accused Joseph of trying to rape her, Joseph found God’s favor in prison. God can and will prosper His people during adverse circumstances.

God’s plan for us, however, is never to leave us in adversity. God had a greater plan for Joseph as second in command to Pharaoh. He simply used Joseph’s adversity to lead him to a place of authority. He will also use our adversity to position us for His purpose. He intends to satisfy us with the finest of wheat, meaning that His plans for us are good.

Turn to God and not to the government during adverse times. He has the power to prosper you and lead you to a place of purpose, where His kingdom will be advanced. His plans for you are still good. He is still God. You can still trust Him.

Have a blessed day!

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