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My King from Ancient Times

Psalm 74:12

God my king is from ancient times, performing saving acts on the earth.

In these days in which we live we must remember two important facts from this verse:

  1. God is still king.
  2. God still performs saving acts on the earth.

Notice how the psalmist refers to God as his king. Is He your king? When we submit a matter to God our king, we are submitting it to the one supreme authority who really can meet our need. He’s been in the business of answering prayer and intervening with saving acts upon the earth for a very long time, and I see no evidence He has stopped. True submission of the matter, however, requires we let go of the outcome and trust His authority to answer. He who has the authority also has the responsibility. Our submission makes God responsible for the outcome, and our trust is revealed in the wait.

Spend some time today in reverence to God your king. Acknowledge His majesty, and recall His faithfulness. Your primary purpose is to worship Him, and you will find fulfillment when you exercise your worship. His love for you has never changed, and He will perform saving acts on the earth for His people. That’s just who He is!

Have a blessed day!

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