Faith for Our Issues

Matthew 9:20-21

Just then, a woman who had suffered from bleeding for 12 years approached from behind and touched the tassel on His robe, for she said to herself, “If I can just touch His robe, I’ll be made well.”

What we say to ourselves matters! If we think our situation is hopeless, it will be. If we think we just can’t do something, we won’t. This woman told herself that Jesus would heal her if she could just get close enough to Him to touch Him, and that gave her the strength and courage to press through the crowd to get to Jesus and receive the healing she desperately needed.

Please understand that her “issue of blood,” as some translations describe her condition, made her unclean. She was not worthy enough to be in the crowd, let alone press through in close contact to reach Jesus. Her “issue” certainly must have kept her isolated. In addition, she had spent all she had on doctors that could not help her and had even made her situation worse. She had nothing to give to Jesus in exchange. She just knew that if He had healed others, He could heal her, too.

The woman’s “issue” was a private one. She told no one what she was doing or what she hoped to gain. She simply told herself, “If I can just touch His robe, I’ll be made well.” Had the crowd known what she was doing, they would have pushed her back or discouraged her in some way from pressing through to her healing. She was wise not to tell them of her need or her faith and to continue steadfastly in her pursuit of Jesus.

What “issue” do you have today that needs healing? Where are you spent with nothing left to give and desperately in need of a miracle? What matter is so private that you can’t speak of it to anyone without fear of rejection, discouragement, or isolation? There is power in the presence of Jesus to make you whole!  No one has to agree with you for your faith to rise up and press through to your healing, restoration, or miracle. If God has done it for others, He can do it for you. Have faith for your issue, and watch God’s power overcome it!

Have a blessed day!

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PHOEBE Connections does not provide professional counseling. We are simply women who are engaged in the journey of widowhood and have learned from our experiences to look to Jesus Christ as our provider and sustainer

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