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No Longer Delayed

Ezekiel 12:25

“But I, the LORD, will speak whatever message I will speak, and it will be done. It will no longer be delayed. For in your days, rebellious house, I will speak a message and bring it to pass.” This is the declaration of the Lord GOD.

When God speaks a promise to us, we usually don’t see it transpire immediately. As with Abraham and Sarah, we often have to wait for the promise and may be tempted to lose faith in the process or try to make it happen by our own hands. Likewise, end time prophesies were told long, long ago which have yet to come to fulfillment. Just because God has delayed does not mean He will not accomplish what He said. For both promise and judgment, there is a reason God waits.

God develops our faith in the waiting for His promises. He reveals Himself and draws us to know Him in ways only those who are completely dependent upon Him can know Him. By breaking down every shred of independence or self-reliance, God does something only He could do in our life, and everyone sees the miracle and glory of God in the process. Those are the best kinds of blessings and the ones He promises to fulfill for His purpose.

In judgement, however, God delays so we will become repentant and turn back to Him. He is not willing that any should perish, and He gives ample time for people to see the error of their ways and cry out to Him. He gave this word to Ezekiel to combat a false proverb in Israel that said, “The days keep passing by, and every vision fails.” The idea is that the longer we wait, the less likely the vision is to come true – a lie the Devil wants us to believe. If God said it, however, He will bring it to pass in due time. Whether His word is for promise or judgment, we can count on a time when He will delay no longer and suddenly bring His word into fulfillment.

What are you waiting for today? Has a promise gone long unfulfilled? Do you need to turn to God before it is too late? In either case, rest assured that God will do exactly what He has promised. While the days may seem to pass by without evidence of God’s word, a day will soon come when we will see exactly what He promised. He who promised is faithful, and He will do it. Make your waiting count. Draw near to Him today, and He will draw near to you.

Have a blessed day!

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