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Our Effective Defense

Esther 9:2

In each of King Ahasuerus’ provinces the Jews assembled in their cities to attack those who intended to harm them. Not a single person could withstand them; terror of them fell on every nationality.

The Jews in Persia were in danger of extinction. The evil Haman had convinced King Ahasuerus they were a people set upon rebellion and asked for a day when the men of Persia could rise up against them and execute them. Haman wanted a legal way to kill Mordecai, whom he hated for not submitting to him. Mordecai was a threat to his power and standing with the king, and Haman wanted to destroy Mordecai and all of his people. So, he cunningly persuaded the king to believe the worst of the Jews so he could carry out his personal agenda and solidify his political standing. Haman, however, was completely unaware of a very important fact unknown even to the king, himself: The king’s new and cherished queen was a Jew and Mordecai’s own niece. Haman’s deceivingly successful ploy had tremendous potential to explode fatally in his face, and it did. Esther begged the king to pardon her people in front of Haman at a dinner she had prepared for the king and Haman. There she exposed his evil intentions with a humble and desperate plea for her life, where the king drew outrage in his desire to protect her.

Exposed. Haman’s wicked attempt to illegitimately gain personal recognition and eliminate a godly people who had done him no harm suddenly identified him as a true enemy of the king, and he had absolutely no defense to help his case. He was as guilty as could be and would not escape the king’s wrath. Since the king could not reverse his edict, he quickly wrote another edict allowing the Jews to defend themselves if attacked. Haman, however, would hang on the very gallows he built to kill Mordecai.

When it seems the enemy has gained an advantage in bringing you harm, remember that God knows every detail of his evil schemes and has the power to expose him. He has also given you extremely effective weapons to use to destroy the enemy’s attacks against you – His word and prayer. Use them daily to defend yourself against whatever or whomever is trying to destroy, delay, or deny what God has rightfully given you. You are where you are now for such a time as this, and the Devil can’t stop what God has ordained for you. Get out your Bible, go to your War Room, and pray. Execute your defense with your spiritual weapons. The victory is yours!

Have a blessed day!

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