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God’s Right Hand Holds Your Right Hand

Isaiah 41:9b-10

You are My servant; I have chosen you and not rejected you. Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be afraid, for I am your God. I will strengthen you; I will help you; I will hold on to you with My righteous right hand.

Verse 13:

For I, the LORD your God, hold your right hand and say to you: Do not fear, I will help you.

Regardless of what rejection you may face from others, God has chosen you as His servant, and He has not rejected you. Rejection creates disappointment and causes us to lose hope. These verses assure us that God is with us, and He will strengthen us to do exactly what He has purposed for us to do to fulfill the dreams He has inspired within us.

As I have read verses 9b-10 many times in the past, I’d always pictured God as being a strong force by our side to strengthen us and encourage us forward. His right hand is the hand of power and strength, and if He holds onto us with His righteous right hand, He holds on to us with power and favor. After reading verse 13 along with it, I now see a different picture. Notice from both verses that God holds onto our right hand with His right hand. His power and favor grabs hold to our power and favor and becomes the source for our strength. This stance requires a different position from what I originally pictured, however.

If God grabs hold of our right hand with His right hand, He is not standing beside us. That would require His left hand to grab our right hand. For Him to grab our right hand with His right hand requires He stand in front of us, facing us. He reaches out to grab our right hand, much like a handshake, but He doesn’t let go. His power and His favor grabs hold of us to pull us forward into His plan. Imagine someone rescuing you from a pit. As He reaches down to grab your right hand with His, He pulls you up and forward into His promise, where you were created to serve Him.

With a visual of a handshake, we can also relate with God’s right hand holding our right hand in partnership. God partners with us to perform His will upon the earth. If He is holding on to us and we are doing what He has called us to do, we can count on Him to work through our partnership to advance His kingdom on earth.

God’s right hand has you by your right hand today, and He is not letting go! You are His servant, and He has not rejected you; He is pulling you into His perfect plan as He partners with you to expand His kingdom. Trust Him today, and rest in the assurance that He will not let go of you. He will strengthen you, and He will help you just as He promised.

Have a blessed day!

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