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From Worry to Wonder

Philippians 4:6

Don’t worry about anything, but in everything, through prayer and petition with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.

Uncertainty creates many emotions within us, and anxiety can rob us of personal peace and attention that should be given elsewhere. Here, Paul instructs us to turn our worries into prayers and submit matters beyond our control to God. To do this requires complete trust that God will handle the matter in our best interest, but do we really trust God or His timing?

Learning to completely trust God is a process. He doesn’t always give us what we want, and anxiety stems from the fear that this will, once again, be another time when we will be disappointed. Will we continue to praise God and serve Him even if we don’t get what we want? If so, we have a faith that is firm, established, and pleasing to God. If God doesn’t give us what we want, we must trust Him even more that He is still doing what is in our best interest. God responds to faith, and such a faith will certainly draw a response from Him that will go beyond anything we can think or imagine.

Thank God for the times He has come through for you in the past. Meditate on these things, and know that He longs to bless you still. Present your requests to Him, and let Him handle what is beyond your control. If you try to take matters into your own hands, you will likely pay steep consequences. There is no blessing like a miracle only God could provide and to feel the favor He has directed specifically to you! Experiencing this type of favor is the wonder of knowing Christ, who is lavish in His love for you. Pray for it. Wait for it. Receive it.

Have a blessed day!

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