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Leave Babylon

Isaiah 48:20

Leave Babylon, flee from the Chaldeans! Declare with a shout of joy, proclaim this, let it go out to the end of the earth; announce, “The LORD has redeemed His servant Jacob!”

Babylon means, “confusion.” It represents Satan’s entire infrastructure of lies, delusions, and worldly allurements. We must remember that we belong to Jesus Christ, and He has redeemed us from condemnation and any past sin that haunts us. We belong to Him and are heirs with Him of all the promises of God. We are destined to rule and reign with Christ, and we are victorious over the enemy in Him. The truth of God’s Word must be stronger in us than the lies the enemy plants in our heads to confuse us and cause us to doubt ourselves and God’s love for us.

God’s command here is for us to leave Babylon. We must make the conscious effort to flee from negative thinking and the belief that God is not going to come through for us or bring His promises to pass in our life. Standing strong in our faith requires we deliberately desert the negative thought patterns that cause us to doubt God’s love for us. In order for God to move us forward or grant the miracle we need, we must leave Babylon and walk in the fullness of His redemption.

Babylon took Judah captive, but later God drew His people out of Babylon to rebuild a ruined Jerusalem, which means “City of Peace.” God’s command was to leave the “City of Confusion” to enter and rebuild the “City of Peace.” You cannot have peace and live in confusion! You must leave the latter to embrace the former.

The gates to Babylon are wide open. You are free to leave anytime you are ready. You can literally reject the confusing thoughts that hold you back and firmly believe in God’s love for you. In doing so, you will gain His promises and His peace as you go.

Have a blessed day!

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