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Isaiah 42:9

The past events have indeed happened. Now I declare new events; I announce them to you before they occur.

The past is the past; we cannot change it or deny it. Neither can we live in the past. We must accept the present and look toward the future. God declares new events in our life, and He often tells us about them before they occur. Do we have the faith to let go and accept what He has in store?

Between the past and the new events of the future lies a time called “Now.” Now is often a time of waiting and wrestling with the change from what once was to expecting the new events that will make the change worth the frustration. Now may also be a stage of limbo while we wait for decisions or circumstances to occur that enable the new events to take place. Now is all we are assured while we wait in faith for what God decides to do next. Therefore, we must make the most of Now with full expectation that God is working out the future.

Who are the people God has placed in your Now? Cherish them and learn all you can from them. What has God given you to do in your Now? Do it with all your might as to please Him. Don’t let the loss of the past or anxiety of the future rob you of what God is doing in your life Now. Live in each moment with full expectation that God is bringing about new and exciting events for your future. Today is a stepping stone for tomorrow, and we will never get today back. Let’s all make the most of our Now and trust God for new events that make our future much different from our past. He is always at work in us, so embrace Him Now.

Have a blessed day!

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