God’s Great Compassion

Isaiah 54:7

I deserted you for a brief moment, but I will take you back with great compassion.

Jesus cried out from the cross, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” He displayed the anguish He felt in separation from the Father’s will, blessing, and relationship. At that moment, God poured out His wrath for the sins of mankind upon Jesus. Three days later, however, God raised Jesus from the dead, proving He accepted the sacrifice as forgiveness for sin. Now, Jesus is exalted above all others as King of King and Lord of Lords. One day, He will return to earth to set all things right. Although God deserted Him for a brief moment, He took Jesus back with great compassion and exalted Him above all others.

God may withhold His blessing from us briefly due to our sin, but when we turn to Jesus in repentance and follow Him, God lovingly brings us back into the center of His will and blessing with great compassion. As verse 6 explains, we have all gone astray from God’s will like dumb sheep. God, however, punished Jesus for our straying. We need not fear His wrath in turning back to Him. He lovingly accepts us back with great compassion.

If it feels like God has deserted you today, know that His compassion is greater than His anger. He has already punished Jesus for your sin, and He has promised He will never desert you. He may redirect you, delay you, or deny what is not His plan for you, but He will never abandon you. Trust in His great compassion for you, and seek Him with all your heart. He’ll make sure you find Him!

Have a blessed day!

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