A Bruised Reed

Isaiah 42:3

He will not break a bruised reed and He will not put out a smoldering wick; He will faithfully bring justice.

God knows where we are vulnerable and where we have been hurt by others. Quite often our hurts make us dysfunctional and hold us back in life from the brokenness of emotional, mental, or physical injury. God does not throw us out because of our brokenness. On the contrary, He sent Jesus to die for our hurts so that His grace may abound in our broken places to bring healing and restoration.

A bruised reed or a smoldering wick is subject to harsh elements that stand to crush or extinguish it. Jesus encircles our being with His grace to protect us from anything that would seek to destroy or permanently harm us. He speaks gently to our souls, fanning the flame of His Spirit to fulfill the purpose for which He created and called us.

You can trust Jesus in your broken places. Run to Him, cling to Him, and trust Him to protect you and restore you. He is a God of justice, and He will not allow the enemy to succeed in his plan against you. In fact, He turns the schemes of the wicked on their own heads so their plans hurt only themselves. His heart is with the bruised reed and the smoldering wick, and He will show Himself strong where they are weak.

Have a blessed day!

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