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The Glory of Lebanon

Isaiah 60:13

The glory of Lebanon will come to you – its pine, fir, and cypress together – to beautify the place of My sanctuary, and I will glorify My dwelling place.

In our quaint but growing little Southern town of Lebanon, TN, we have our own picture of a place where history, tradition, and faith come together to comprise the best of small town living. The glory of Lebanon in Scripture, however, is a somewhat different yet incredibly comparable depiction of God’s unique, wonderful, and awe-inspiring creation. After a little research into the Lebanon of the Old Testament, I found some rich nuggets to share in comparison to the place we call home.

Lebanon actually means, “white mountain,” which is a reference to the snow-capped mountain range which borders Syria and Palestine. It is known for its beauty and grandeur and is famous for its cedars, wines, and cool waters. In the Old Testament, it provided the resources used to build Solomon’s temple and Ezra’s temple. While it was assigned to Israel, it was never completely conquered and possessed as their own and may be a lasting example of unfulfilled potential.

Old Testament Lebanon appears to be a land rich in natural resources, much of which may be attributed to lush evergreens. Such trees and plants produce leaves throughout the year and are always green, which stand in direct contrast to those which completely lose their foliage during the winter or dry season. Evergreens are drought tolerant and can withstand conditions much harsher than other trees.

In our own little town of Lebanon, I see a community of spiritual evergreens. Throughout the most difficult of seasons, these evergreens of the faith remain sturdy, giving shade, protection, and beauty to all around them. They have been nurtured in the soil of God’s word and have grown in the care of local churches. Having weathered many storms and droughts, they represent a heritage of faith that God has blessed as His glory rests among them and they work together to form one great community.

May our spiritual heritage continue to grow and shine as a community. Others have seen our beauty and are drawn to us as our town continues to grow in population and in industry. Should our faith diminish in the midst of the infestation often brought by commerce and capitalism, the glory and splendor of Lebanon will cease in the rise of the hustle and bustle of a concrete world. We were specifically created to beautify God’s sanctuary and to glorify Him. May we never forget that purpose and remain evergreen in our faith.

Have a blessed day!

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