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Pure Words

Psalm 12:6-8

The words of the LORD are pure words, like silver refined in an earthen furnace, purified seven times. You, LORD, will guard us, You will protect us from this generation forever. The wicked wander everywhere, and what is worthless is exalted.

These times should not confuse us. They are mentioned throughout Scripture for our forewarning and encouragement. Without doubt, we live in a generation that does not honor God, but God does honor His people. Let that be your assurance.

The world honors superstars who have no real substance and whose lives are in shambles. In fact, we’ve seen evidence of this displayed vividly on our news channels as of late. Many of the people the world exalts are drug addicted, alcoholic, depressed Hollywood elites who have had difficulty managing their own fame and fortune. Some of those same “stars” ridicule our God and our government. Obviously, they have no real answers but use their influence to try to convince us to accept sinful and compromising lifestyles as normal. Such people should never be considered heroes but people who are desperately in need of salvation. God will protect us from this Hollywood influenced generation. We need only to remain steadfast in Him.

The words of the LORD are pure. Contemplate on that this morning. If God said it, we can trust it. If He promised it, He will bring it to pass. Don’t let the unbelieving words of family, friends, the media, or anyone else cause you to doubt the pure words God has spoken to us in His word. 

Notice that God’s words are like silver refined in an earthen furnace, purified seven times. If He has given a word to us, we can expect that word to face some fire on earth. It must be tested to be found pure as silver. As His word is tested, so are we if we allow that word to take anchor in our heart. Fine silver, however, is worth the testing it endures. 

Have a blessed day!

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