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Never Disgraced

Psalm 25:3

Not one person who waits for You will be disgraced; those who act treacherously without cause will be disgraced.

Sometimes, our answers come only by waiting. If you are like me, you hate those times because you are inclined to try to do something to speed the process. No one likes to wait, and our longing or need to see the answer may only intensify. Some battles or provisions, however, can come only from God, and we must wait on His timing. Otherwise, we will get into serious trouble by trying to make something happen prematurely.

To act treacherously is to be guilty of betrayal of confidence or trust. Treacherous behavior takes insider information and tries to use it to manipulate a situation for personal gain, often at the expense of the person whose trust has been violated. God’s blessings never come by manipulation but by waiting patiently and with hopeful expectation for His favor. Those who wait for Him will never be disgraced but will enjoy His full blessing. The treacherous will suffer shame by their own guilt, and their schemes will prevent their blessing. They, too, must learn to wait upon God.

Choose to wait today, and know with full assurance that God is bringing your blessing to fruition. Don’t allow the Devil to cause you to miss what God has in store for you by trying to make things happen by your own hand. Reject the temptation to become jealous of someone else’s blessing, and rejoice that if God did it for someone else, He can do it for you, too. Those who wait for Him will never be disgraced, and they will rejoice in knowing God in a more personal, intimate way than ever before known.

Have a blessed day!

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